Bottle Water BS (Videos didn't make the cut into the presentation)

If you've met with us already you'll know how much we encourage people to commit to forever no longer use single use plastic bottles ever again, or at least go back to 40 years ago and how we used to but plastic bottles. Typically it was getting 1-2.5 gallon jugs for a camping trip or something like that. Let's at a minimum go back to living like that. 

This single use plastic water bottle business is a joke and it's frustrating to see these large corporations like Nestle, Coke, PepsiCo, Fiji Water, and many more prey on consumer trust when their product is not only 2000x more expensive than tap water but also incredibly energy intensive and highly wasteful, 2000x more energy to produce than tap water.

Check out these 2 videos that didn't make it into our presentation, but only because the presentation is already long enough HA!. These videos are AWESOME! Everyone should know this information and how we're all impacted by the business of bottled water.

It was heart wrenching to remove the 2 videos we were considering. Let us know what you think. Enjoy!!