About Us...

My name is Robi Overson and I reside in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. I have lived in the area on an off for over 7 years. I love this city. The mother of my children, I prefer to call her that rather than my ex-wife, and I are raising our children here.

Between the 2 of us we have 3 children. I have 2 sons and she has a daughter from a relationship after our marriage ended. She's only 4 and we adore each other. We have a great relationship co-parenting our children together, although we have our differences and don't always see eye to eye. We love and respect each other and our working together to do our best to raise these kids we've been entrusted with. 

I started this business because I have felt since my teenage years that being environmentally responsible is not a convenient thing to do. Sometimes it's not popular and it can be a pain in the you know what. At the same time I've seen personally and through my own research that we have a responsibility as a species to take better care of our world. It reminds me of the famous Spiderman quote, "With great power comes great responsibility". 

As Americans in particular I believe we have that Responsibility. We have knowingly and unknowingly contributed to some very critical issues that have had, are having, and will have major negative impacts. I am convinced if we don't do something as a whole it will get very bad at some point in the future.

I believe now is the time for us to look at ourselves and how we live and figure out how we can individually make changes that will alter the trajectory we are on. I believe doing it as individuals ultimately makes a collective impact for the better. Doing it together requires us to be responsible for our part. 

I've started this business to impact exactly that. I'm starting with myself and my little family and I'm taking it to my community. If you're reading these words and you live in Cottonwood Heights then you are my community and I'm coming to you so we can do this together. I look forward to working with you. Let's Play! :)

For those of you who live outside Cottonwood Heights, we will get to you soon enough. We will provide you will all the resources you need to be environmentally responsible and do it because you know it's the right thing to do. You'll see it as the obligation I and other see it as. 

Here's to changing the world together! Cheers!


Robi Overson