Satirical but True, Bill Maher tells it how it is and then some (WARNING-language)

Bill Maher can be a controversial character. Either you love him or you hate him. I'm not concerned either way but he definitely has a way of saying things that can make you think twice and ask questions. 

This clip is one worth sharing because he points out the craziness of how we use water in this country and particularly at California and almond growers, especially during a severe drought. 

The water required to grow almonds is not the worst offender but it is pretty bad. Water for livestock is much worse but the point still stands that almonds are still very water intensive. The point is to be an informed consumer and make choices that positively impact those three categories of Health that we keep harping on; human, environment and economy. 

(Please note he uses colorful language so watch with discretion.)

For a balanced view of almond farmers take a look at this article about almonds, As it says in the article maybe it's worth it to consider Certified Organic almonds because they can use less water, less pesticides and just straight up better all around. 

It pays to do some research so you can know what you're buying and the impacts of the things we purchase.